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Free Internet Phone Call - VoIP

Yes, we now can make free Internet phone Call. According to IDC* expects the market for hosted IP voice services among U.S. businesses to reach nearly $60 million by the end of 2004 and US$7.6 billion in 2008. achieving a compound annual growth rate of 282%.

Why do we need Internet Telephony?

Mobile, Internet phone - Travel anywhere in the world where there are Internet access - You will have the most inexpensive mobile phone service available. Whether you use the Wi-Fi (wireless Internet) hot spots at airports and cafes with your laptop and headset or from the comfort of your hotel room, you can call anywhere in the world for FREE or at very low rates.

VoIP Network of free calls - if you call certain people often enough, it would be worthwhile installing a VoIP Phone in each person's house, office or laptop then that everyone can call each other as often as they would like for FREE!

Additional phone lines - In addition to the tremendous cost savings on outbound calls, inbound calls and long distance international calls, you also can save by replacing your additional telephone lines from the local telephone company and getting many of the features you normally would pay for, like Caller ID, call waiting... at no charge.

When do we need Internet Telephony?

Your next telephone may not actually be a telephone. It may look and work like a phone, but it will connect to the Internet and will cost less than today's phones. You'll also get better features and ease of use.

Over the next few year, more products using Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, will be coming online via wire or wireless (Wi-Fi). But there's no need to wait there are batch of Internet phone products have useful features and can save you money, right now.

* Source: IDC - September 2004












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make free phone calls online

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